Symantec M&A Retrospective

Since I wrote a note about McAfee when they acquired Secure Computing, I thought it would be interesting to point out Symantec's acquisition history. I don't know of any prominent security divestitures, so they aren't like McAfee in that regard, but I can't help notice how often they repeat buys into the same space. This would be fine if it is intended for cheap customer acquisition but that is rarely the reasoning given behind any given acquisition.

Anyway, here is the list:

2002 July Mountain Wave SEM
2002 July Recourse Technologies NIDS
2002 July Securityfocus Consult
2002 July Riptech MSSP
2003 May Nexland
2003 September PowerQuest
2003 October ON Technology
2003 October Safeweb SSL VPN
2004 June BrightMail AntiSpam
2004 July Turntide AntiSpam
2004 September @Stake Consult
2004 December Platform Logic HIPS
2005 August Sygate HIPS
2005 September WholeSecurity HIPS/NAC
2005 October Bindview Vuln Mgt
2006 January IMLogic Inst Msg
2006 February Relicore Net Mgt
2007 January Altiris Patch
2007 March 4FrontSecurity GRC
2007 October Vontu DLP
2008 October MessageLabs AntiSpam

I can't recall exactly when Symantec bought Axent. Other than that, I think this list is fairly complete.