Listed below are a sampling research reports written by Pete Lindstrom while at Spire Security and Hurwitz Group (includes sponsor names where applicable). For review copies of any of these reports, please contact Pete at

2013 NAC, 802.IX AND BYOD, Advantages, Constraints and Capabilities, Forescout Technologies
2011 A Proactive Approach to Server Security, Bit9 Inc.
2011 Generating Value with Continuous Security Testing and Measurement, Core Security Technologies
2011 Network Access Control and 802.IX, Forescout Technologies
2011 The Prevalence of “Next-Gen” Malware, Intel Corporation
2009 Firewall Economics, Spire Research Report, Secure Passage
2009 SOC/NOC Convergence, An IT Service Mgt. Approach to Security/Network Operations, AccelOps, Inc.
2009 The Next Generation of Network Data Leakage Protection , Fidelis
2007 The Pen Test Gut Check, The Economics of Penetration Testing, Core Security Technologies
2006 Death To Passwords, Imprivata
2006 Economic Showdown, Host Intrusion Prevention vs. Patch Management, McAfee
2006 Enterprise Security Management, Check Point, Inc.
2006 Getting the “NAC” of LAN Security, A Spire Research Report, Nevis Networks
2006 Network Packet Archival , Spire Clarifier
2006 Putting Security to the Test, Spirent
2006 The Information Security Imperative, Information: Free, Fortified and Filtered?, PortAuthority
2006 Unused IP Address Space, A nascent Weapon in the War on Security, Mirage Networks
2005 CISO Reporting and CEO Support, Spire Clarifier
2005 Managing Privileged Accounts, CyberArk
2005 Risk and Threat Modeling, Work Smarter, Not Harder, Skybox
2005 Securing the PC, Definitive Endpoint Threat Prevention , Securewave
2005 Truth and Fiction with Single Sign-On , Imprivata
2004 Attacking and Defending Web Services, , Forum Systems
2004 Date-Centric Security, , Guardium
2004 Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) , Next Generation Firewalls, Top Layer
2004 Network vs. Host-Based Vulnerability Management, Symantec Corp.
2004 On the Inside Looking Out, Blue Coat
2004 Selecting an Email Security Solution, CipherTrust
2004 Vulnerability Assessment, Business Enablement with a Web Service, Qualys
2003 A Paradigm Shift In Web Application Security , A Spire Research Report, Teros
2003 A Plethora of Packets, Dealing with Security Information Overload, Network Intelligence
2003 Best Practices in Web Conferencing Security , , Latitude
2003 Let’s Get Physical, The Emergence of the Physical Threat, Netbotz
2003 Log Management, Addamark Technologies
2003 Next Generation Secure Computing Base, Truth and Fiction about Microsoft’s “Palladium”
2003 Protecting Against Web Services Threats, A Spire Research Report, Forum Systems
2003 Securing the Trusted Network, Palisade Systems
2003 Security Bounty Hunters, Creation of a new profession?
2003 Security Resource Planning, Archer Technologies
2003 Selecting a WLAN Monitoring Solution, AirDefense
2003 Shavlik Technologies, Proactive Patch Management , Shavlik
2003 The Emergence of the Vulnerability Shield , Lucid Security
2003 The Evolution of Single Sign-on , Imprivata
2003 The Hidden Cost of Virus Protection, Sophos
2003 Understanding Intrusion Prevention, Network Associates
2003 Vulnerability Remediation, The Key to Reduced Risk, Citadel
2003 What’s Your Vector, Victor?, Protection Vectors for Worms and Viruses, Spire ViewPoint
2002 NFR Security’s Intrusion Management Vision, NFR Security, INC.
2002 Protecting the Perimeter — Symantec Gateway Security, HURWITZ REPORT , Symantec Corp.
2002 Provisioning:   A New Approach to Streamlining Business and IT Ops, HURWITZ REPORT , IBM – Tivoli
2002 Return on Investment in Web Security, NetContinuum
2002 The Web Services Security Developer’s Lifeline, Research Report, Phaos
2002 Who is Liable for Security Bugs?  Stuck between Rock & Hard Place, HURWITZ REPORT
2001 A Practical Approach to a Comprehensive Security Program , HURWITZ REPORT, TruSecure Corp.
2001 Identity Management — A Fundamental Discipline in Security, HURWITZ REPORT, Courion Corporation
2001 IT Management As Security, HURWITZ REPORT, Bindview
2001 Maximizing Return on Investment with Tivoli Security Mgt. Solutions, HURWITZ REPORT, Tivoli Systems Inc.
2001 Proactive Enterprise Risk Management, HURWITZ REPORT, Xacta Corp.
2001 Ten Rewards of PKI, HURWITZ REPORT, Access 360
2000 e-Marketplaces: Issues, Risks, and Requirements for Success, HURWITZ REPORT, Tivoli Systems Inc.
2000 PATROL for MG:  Bringing MQSeries Management into Integrated Ent. , HURWITZ REPORT, BMC Software, INC.
2000 Web Application Security:  Protecting e-Business from Attack, HURWITZ REPORT, Sanctum, INC.