New Workshop: Drinking from the Advanced Malware Protection Firehose

“Drinking from the Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Firehose” is a workshop for information security architects, managers and tech-savvy executives to evaluate the ability of newer and evolving AMP solutions (whitelists, sandboxes, active forensics) to address the challenges of zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats. Participants will create their custom risk profile and essential features scorecard based on a defined structure in collaboration with the group.

Key Benefits: 

  • Create and use an economic/risk model to justify your need for Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).
  • Cut through the confusion of biased vendor presentations to identify the l functional benefits of AMP solutions.
  • Evaluate vendors based on an objective model (i.e., your needs) customized to match your requirements.
  • Benefit from collaboration and feedback of your peers who face the same challenges at their organizations.

With an economic model in hand, participants will hear from up to 10 vendors (maximum  10 minutes each) as they provide details on how their AMP solutions address current needs and conforms with the requirements in the scorecards. After vendors are excused, participants will discuss and debate capabilities and ultimately assign their own scores. The process is akin to speed-dating, but with group feedback (and no alcohol).

Each participant takes away the proceedings, along with their economic model (a quantitative risk assessment) and vendor scorecard,  that includes their unique values and scores, as well as the group summary scores.