The Wonders of Blogging

I guess one of the great value propositions of blogging is that you can catalogue ‘stream-of-consciousness’ thoughts and ideas.

For example (ahem): I am watching this ad on television for Sprint PCS – it has Mary Lou Retton in it, for no apparent reason I might add (this really is a bizarre commercial), and presumably a well-known synchronized swimmer who I don’t know. Anyway, I digress – S2 (that’s short for synchronized swimmer who I don’t know) says (as I’ve confirmed thanks to my ReplayTV that I feel compelled to call a “Tivo”) “Synchronized swimmers, I need you to guess how many minutes you need to hold your breath every night…” a girl guesses 100 and S2 says “that might be too high, and then you’re just wasting minutes” then a second girl guesses 75 which “might be too low, and then you’ve got big overage charges.”

Pardon me one second while I guffaw out loud at the cleverness of this commercial – not only does it follow an ‘appropriate Olympics theme’ but it highlights the absurdity of cell phone payment plans in an amusing way…. except for one, no two, things.

1) it makes absolutely no sense. and 2) re-read my quotes above… it looks to me like they flipped the effects – i.e. 100 minutes being too high should incure overage charges and 75 minutes being too low would waste minutes (let’s guess a 90 minute plan).

And so it goes… thank God for blogs ;-)