Live Migration around the World

In my last document for Burton Group – one on virtualization security – I wrote this about live migration (vmotion):

"If history provides good guidance, enterprises can expect
some future architecture supporting live migration of virtual point-of-sale
registers across a publicly accessible wireless network, or a “follow me”
virtual server in the cloud that ends up with a local point of presence
anywhere in the world where Carmen San Diego happens to be."

Virtualization guru Allesandro Perilli of had this to say about Steve Herrod's keynote at VMworld Europe:

Herrod mentions a FAQ about vCloud: are you going to provide long-distance VMotion?
The answer is: it’s very complex but we are seriously investing and cooperating with partners to solve the problem. (meaning the capability to perform a live migration between private or public data centers).

Its coming. Now is the time to re-read and appreciate Jon Oberheide's excellent piece on the security implications of live migration.